Malcolm Island


Beautiful Bay Trail is a 2.5 km trail starting point is at Bere Point Regional Park, on the north shore. It gently rises through rain forest to a ridge that follows the contour of the bay with lookouts to take in the Coastal Mountain range. Pouli Vali canyon one hour in descends to the beach for the return trip if tides will allow. Total 2 hour hike.

Mateoja Heritage Trail is a 3 km trail is an educational trip into the island’s diverse eco-system and begins above 3rd street. This same route was traveled by the pioneers and shows signs of the devastation that occurred in the 1923 fire. About midpoint the trail opens up to Melvin’s bog, a great bird watching spot. Coming to end brings you to Big Lake where the locals swim and it’s not that big. Total 2.5 hour hike.

Bere Point Regional Park & Campsites

The campground is adjacent to the beach located on the north side of the Island and overlooks the BC mainland. A super great walk on beach, where sometimes the summer resident whales will rub on Bere Point.

Beaches & Kayaking

There are plenty of easy access beaches to explore and collect treasures or to launch your kayak.

Whale watching

The waters surrounding Malcolm Island are renowned for orca and humpback sightings. The whale watching tours run out of several north island communities.

Sports fishing

The waters around the Island also offer catches of halibut and all the species of salmon. Local charters are available or there’s a launch and Malcolm Island Lion’s harbour for moorage.

Puleteny Point Ligthouse

To visit a still operating station, it’s a 10 km drive through the middle of the Island.

The Sointula Museum

In the old Superior school building rooms enriched with a fine display to look into the trials and tribulations experienced by Finns seeking to build a Utopian commune. Run by a combination of donations and volunteers.

Lost at Sea Memorial

The Sointula commercial fleet made a huge contribution to the history of BC’s fishery.

Historic Buildings tour

A self-guided tour of these old buildings with heritage signs to explain the story behind them. The Finnish Organization Hall, Athletic Hall, Superior School, and Co-operative store.

Kaleva walking path

This follows the shoreline for 3km with beach access and bird watching platforms.


The people of Sointula are proud of the well maintained burial grounds sitting on the point overlooking the ocean on the east end of town. Also known as Koti, meaning home.